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Patient Information

Central Endodontics is a specialist dental centre offering excellence in the area of endodontic treatment.

As such, patients require a referral letter issued from their general dental practitioner (GDP), along with any supporting X-rays. If possible, we would prefer for your GDP to send these documents in advance, electronically or by fax/post, so we can gain an understanding of your current oral situation prior to your visit.

Consultations are typically 30 minutes in length. Your particular situation will be carefully assessed, and from here a diagnosis and tailored treatment plan will be formed. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss suitable treatment options with your endodontist.

New patients, please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment as this will ensure you have enough time to complete a short questionnaire outlining your dental and medical history.

Patient Billing Information

Central Endodontics requires full payment at the end of each appointment. Private fees are $175 for the consultation and $1500-2600 for actual treatment, depending on the case. Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) cases will have a shortfall. On average, this is $100 for the consultation, with the amount for treatment to be determined during the consultation

Dr Radu Goga

Dr Radu Goga completed his Masters Degree in Endodontics in 2004 and founded Capital Endodontics in Wellington where he practiced for nearly 8 years. As a member of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, Dr Goga has a passion for learning and continued education to ensure that he stays abreast of all the latest treatments and procedures.

Dr Goga often presents at New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) branch meetings. He is a certified Maillefer-Dentsply WaveOne and ProTaper Trainer, as well as a Reciproc System Trainer, and regularly provides continuing education seminars. Furthermore, he has published articles in the International Endodontic Journal, Dentomaxillofacial Radiology, Quintessence International and NZDA News.

Dr Radu Goga has a strong belief in the preservation of one’s natural teeth wherever feasible. Central Endodontics is founded on the core values and ethical ideals of professionalism, quality patient care and superior results.

Outside of work Radu enjoys spending time with his children and his wife Natasha. They take pleasure in outdoor activities, appreciating the lovely scenery surrounding the Manawatu and Central North Island region including Lake Taupo.